That's a Wrap for Farm Camp 2022

In 2021 we hosted one week of Farm Camp for 13 children.  Those 13 spots filled up in less than 2 hours of registration opening.


This summer we grew to two weeks with a total of 49 children. We are so thankful for an amazing second summer of Farm Camp and we are excited to see how we grow for 2023!

farm camp 10.jpeg

Little Farmers!

Who is Farm Camp For?


Children who have a curiosity about the world around them.  No farming experience or knowledge needed.

Farming is for everyone!


Each day we will talk about different animals on the farm as well as the garden. Children will learn about how each animal is cared for and what they're raised for. Our farm kids will be able to help with chores and be able to touch many of the animals and see what makes them each so special.

What will they experience? 


Farm Animals

Farm Life

How Food is Grown


Arts & Crafts

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Farm Camp Reviews

"My son attended your first week of farm camp, and I just want to say that signing him up was the best decision!   We will definitely be back next year.    Thank you for providing an organized, enriching, fun atmosphere for him to learn and explore.  He has been singing the song and telling me about animals and other things he learned. "