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A Small Dream for the Farm Come True

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Can I drop my kid off so you can put them to work?

Any chance you would want an extra kid over the summer to come work on the farm?

I don’t want you to be too harsh, but maybe my kid can come work for you and they can sweat a little?

Do you have a camp where I can come drop my kid off and they work on your farm?

We hear it all the time from people.  It is usually meant as a joke and often joked about as a form of punishment, but the idea of having a summer camp for children has been something we have thought about for a long time.  It’s been a dream of mine and it’s coming true!

I have shared over the past few weeks that we have been working behind the scenes on a few projects.  These are all projects we’re excited to share with y’all, but when the time is right – and the time is right for this one. This summer, yes THIS summer, Bowers Farm will be hosting our very first Farm Camp!

Let me share some of the background – Brandon and I both love children.  It has always been an absolute joy of ours to share the farm with anyone who is interested, but especially children. To see the farm through their eyes is something extra special. Their awe and wonder about it all is amazing and so refreshing.  We have always played with the idea of doing a farm camp, but when were we going to find the time to put the thought into that kind of undertaking or the time to take from work to host it?  

Well, right before Christmas I left my full-time job.  I did not have anything secured for “what was next,” but I knew it was time to move on.  I went through the excitement of all the time I thought I’d have.  I then went through the fear of what the heck was I going to do with all of this time?!  I proceeded to then go through the deep joy of brainstorming some passion projects I might be able to pursue with my time.  I finished out my emotional roller coster by then going through the anxiety of realizing I maybe had too many ideas and which one was I going to start with?!  This was a ride I didn’t just ride once, but a few times. Brandon encouraged me to make a list of all my ideas and then just start. Get off the ride, Sarah, and start with one.

One of these passion projects that kept coming back to my mind was this idea of a summer camp.  This season turned out to be the perfect time to give this some thought.  It provided the fertile soil of time to plant my energy and creativity, and then with a little water and some sun, see what could come of it all.  The more and more I thought about it the more and more excited I became!  “Brandon, we might really be able to do this!”  Brandon’s response, “I always knew you could.”

It’s the end of March, so it has been right at three months of me not having a full-time job.  I never would have dreamed that this season would have brought with it the chance to finally pursue photography a little more seriously, to become a Color Street stylist, to make an over 5 year dream of a farm camp come true, and so much more!  I have always been thankful for my teammate in life, Brandon.  Throughout conversations of leaving my job and what that would look like, as well as brainstorming dreams I might like to try and pursue, he has been the BEST cheerleader ever!  I am struck by the reality that on my own, I don’t think I believed in myself enough to make farm camp a reality, or at least not yet, but with his encouragement and support, we are here and I am so pumped!

Here are just a few of the details regarding BOWERS FARM’S FIRST FARM CAMP!  Registration will open Thursday, April 1st and through the coming week we will be sharing more details and answering any questions you may have.  Get excited!  Spots are limited!

Farm Camp Details:

  1. Dates:  Monday, June 14th – Thursday, June 17th

  2. Drop Off:  8:30am – 9:00am

  3. Pick Up:  11:30am – Noon

  4. Ages:  3-5 year olds (Must be 3 by May 30, 2021 and not turn 6 until after June 30, 2021)

  5. Cost:  $125 (Includes Farm Kid t-shirt, Farm Sensory Dough kit from Junebug Learning Kits, and all materials needed for the week)

  6. Registration Opens Thursday, April 1, 2021


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