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The Beauty of Creation and How it Works Together


If you’ve been here any length of time, you know Brandon and I value, respect, and deeply try to care for the beauty and intricacies of creation. It’s part of our intentional farming practices, it influences the way we live and care for our bodies, it’s part of how we parent. Brandon and I are constantly learning and continually flabbergasted by the interconnectedness of plants and animals, of complex ecosystems both in our pastures and in rain forests alike, and of the beauty of how we, plants and animals, were created to work together and can heal one another in so many ways.

Well, our learning never stops and over the past couple years, we’ve been learning a lot about the connection of a plant to the healing of our bodies.

About three years ago, almost exactly, we learned of a scary diagnosis for Cheyenne, our oldest golden retriever. There was a growth of abnormal cells under her tongue. The prognosis was not good, but some of the paths forward were so drastic they didn’t seem to lend themselves to much of a life. We weren’t sure what to do next, but as things do in situations like this, eventually, a light shines. And this light came through a Facebook post.

It wasn’t long after Cheyenne’s diagnosis that my sweet friend began sharing about the power of C B D and I remember a specific post regarding pets; this was a friend we knew and trusted, so we reached out, started asking questions, and began a new adventure of discovery.

Our own experience with Cheyenne regularly taking C B D made us believers—not only was she healing from the diagnosis (the abnormal cells were gone and have not come back) but it was (and is) also helping her live her fullest life despite being an aging pup.

It gets better.

As farmers, we were already aware of the hemp boom and the 2018 farm bill. And much like anything else, the market was saturated with junk products—harmful ones too! Not all hemp is created equal. That’s why we love the brand we have found, Green Compass: they are intentional with WHAT they harvest, HOW they harvest, and it all started with a Mama on mission for her kids… so the WHY is pretty amazing too!

Many more questions led us to begin taking Green Compass products.

Because of our personal experience of using their products for a year and because of the values and integrity of the company, we have made the leap to partner with Green Compass. Brandon and I are both so excited to share it with YOU. It seems like everyone is facing some mountain of anxiety, focus issues, sleeplessness, pain or maybe more chronic conditions and what if one piece of the healing can be found in this powerful plant! Again, just nature working together in its normal amazing way.

Healthy living is never a one pill, one drop, or a quick fix. And it’s definitely not a one size fits all. It’s about creating a healthy lifestyle and pulling pieces together that help your body and your mind work and function at its best.

C B D and the other products at Green Compass may be a huge tool to help you do just that! Your health is THE BEST investment.

There’s no way to put all that we are excited about into one blog, so we look forward to sharing more with you in the future. If you’re already intrigued, feel free to check out Green Compass and reach out so that we can walk you through the products and talk to you about what might be the best fit for your needs. This isn’t a solo journey, we’re here to walk with you and find what works!



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