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Updated: Mar 7, 2022

The Confessions of a Reluctant Farmer’s Wife is something I have thought about for over a year now. One time Brandon was talking about wanting to blog and I jokingly told him I had the perfect name for one if I ever decided to blog (which I knew would never happen – wrong). Since then, in passing he or I would mention “That would be a great blog post,” or “#ReluctantFarmer.” I have learned so much from Brandon and from living on a farm and I guess I have finally come around to the idea that maybe people would be interested in things I have learned. But also, the more I learn the more I realize I don’t know. So my hope is that this blog can not only be a creative outlet for me but also a way to share with others what I have learned AND be an avenue where I can learn even more! So, here we are…

Let’s start with a little insight into the title. The “Reluctant” part is because I grew up in a neighborhood in Greer, SC. A beautiful one where I could walk to elementary school, we knew all of our neighbors, and in the summer all the children around our street were playing capture the flag, swimming at the pool, or eating popsicles at each other’s house. I don’t know if any childhood is perfect, but mine was pretty dang close. I always assumed I would grow up and live in a neighborhood similar to mine or maybe a big city and ride public transportation to work (for some reason, I always thought public transportation was so cool and glamorous). Anyways, I never would have dreamed I would live in the country and definitely not on a farm! Maybe one blog I’ll go into this more, but in many ways moving to Pomaria had a grieving period that accompanied it, and maybe as I think about it, it is something that continues in different ways BUT there is also so much I have gained from our location and our circumstances. While we were engaged Brandon and I began looking at house plans to build and be in soon after we were married but at some point Brandon said, “What if you hate it here?” It was a great question, one I had in the back of my mind too. So, we rented for three years and well, we’re still here in Pomaria and just over a year ago we moved into our own farmhouse which is absolutely perfect! So, yes, I was reluctant and maybe sometimes I still am, but I simultaneously love this thing called our life!

Next, let’s clear up one reason I myself even pushed back on my own idea for the title. I am a farmer’s wife BUT I am also a farmer. I am an unapologetic feminist and want to make sure people know farmers can and are women as well. My level of involvement is always changing, especially since Romney Ann was born, but when cows are out, I help get them back in. When we’re processing chickens on farm, usually my job is to cut off the heads. When deliveries need to be made, I help with those as well. One thing I can’t do – YET – is drive the tractor, but one day soon I’ll check that off my list. Farming is a full on family thing and it takes all of us. Brandon’s dream is to farm full-time. From the beginning, I told him farming was not my dream, but Brandon’s passion about what he does and why he does it is contagious. Even though I may not want farming to be my full-time career, I love it (most of the time), and want his dreams to come true so I am a farmer too.

Our life, our way of farming, has impacted the way in which we look at all of our food (not just meat), the way we care for creation, and even now, the way we parent. I am humbled that you would want to walk with me as I share some of the things I’ve learned and I hope you will be kind enough to share what you know as well so I can continue to learn. We may have different opinions and that is totally fine. Just because we choose to live our life a certain way does not mean we judge others for living differently. I genuinely believe we’re all just trying to do our best but the more we know maybe the better we can all get. So, welcome to The Confessions of a Reluctant Farmer’s Wife. I’m so glad you’re here and I hope you enjoy my reflections and my confessions!


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